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|| Top 10 Richest Female Athletes In The World 2017 ||
1. Maris Sharapova – $195 million
With a blend of her tennis career, modeling and a number of endorsements and sponsorships, Maria Sharapova has been able to make her net worth around $195 million. This is not a new thing for her as she has been the highest female tennis player since the last one decade. $29.7 million was earned by here solely in the year 2015 from which $6.7 million was completely from tennis.
The above mentioned 10 female athletes are very known to us for their outstanding performance, they have enjoyed their carrier and some of them are still enjoying a successful career along with growing net worth.

2. Serena Williams – $145 million
With a net worth of around $145 million, she is in fact the greatest female tennis player of all times. She has earned the maximum amount of prize money in the history of tennis with a huge amount of $36 million. Last year, Williams earned around $24.6 million that includes $11.6 million from her salary and winnings along with $13 million from different endorsements and endorsements with Kraft foods, Nike and so on.
3. Anna Kournikova – $50 million
Though this Russian tennis player couldn’t bag any WTA Singles Title to her name, Anna Kournikova is still one of the well-known tennis stars with huge revenue of around $50 million. In fact, she is still today one of the most searched tennis player on Google. When she was at the peak, she has to retire from the sports at a young age of only 21 years due to spinal and back issues but this didn’t let her from filling her bank account. She has opted for an alternative career as a model and took advantage of her good looks and excellent figure.

4. Annika Sorenstam – $40 million
The Swedish Golfer is considered as one of the most popular and successful female golfers with the maximum international wins (93) along with 72 LPGA tournaments that includes 10 majors to her name. With $22 million career money, she tops the list as well. When the maximum number of the female athletes making money from tennis, Annika Sorenstam could make her recognition as a golfer in the world.

5. Danica Patrick – $18 million
In the male dominated sports, Danica Patrick has made her niche as a popular female racecar driver with a new worth of $18 million. Her revenue is also generated from her careers in modeling and spokesperson. She has endorsements with Go Daddy earned her as huge amount as $12 million and has endorsements with companies like Tissot watches, Coke Zero, Motorola, XM radio and Sega.

6. Lorena Ochoa – $15 million
Considered as the best Golfer in the world, she was ranked one for a period of three years from 2007 to 2010 (the year of her retirement). There is no denying the fact that she has an impeccable and successful career in the golf and earned around $15 million from prize money and through different endorsements that she took up.

7. Victoria Azarenka – $15 million
She is the first Belarussian player to have won the Grand Slam Single Title (Australian Open 2012 and 2013). In the last one year, she has earned around $6.7 million from prize money and her recent deals with the Nike is definitely lucrative making her net value of around $15 millions.
8. Ana Ivanoic – $12 million
This Serbian Tennis player was ranked Word number 1 but due to injuries she slipped to number 64 but bounced back in top 10 female tennis players and since then there is no stopping for her. With endorsements like Adidas Shoes and apparels she is definitely one of the richest tennis players in the world.

9. Paula Creamer – $11 million
Majority of the highest earning female athletes belong to the tennis world. As a Golfer, Paula has done quite well for her winning several championships in her successful career. In fact, she was the youngest player to earn more than $1 million and she made revenue of around $141 thousand in only one year (2015) by playing golf. Her endorsement with Citizen Watch Co. and Taylor Made-Adidas helps her to earn around $4.5 million.

10. Ronda Rousey – $6.5 million
She is definitely one of the most popular MMA players and is also the highest earning athlete in both the men and women’s category as per the current statistics. Her net worth is estimated at around $6.5 million, which comes from her championship titles as well as her endorsements with Carl’s Jr and Rebook. She also acted in three movies and released a book that helped her to make revenue.

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