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Steve Scalise, London, U.S. Open: Your Morning Briefing
” ‘What!’ said his friend, ‘give up golf!’ ‘No,’ said he, ‘the ministry.’ ” Evan Gershkovich contributed reporting.
That game was likely the Dutch colf, which some scholars say influenced golf
and was even played in the U.S. Hendrick Avercamp’s painting from 1626, “Winter Games on the Frozen River IJssel,” above, depicts the hockey-like game.
[The New York Times] • An aid organization found that people were more likely to donate
to victims of the 2011 Japanese tsunami than to those fleeing the war in Syria.
[The New York Times] • Australian native wildflowers, notably the eucalyptus
tetragona, are a trendy obsession for florists and design stores in Japan.
[The New York Times] • Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan promised to devote his “whole being” to his role as
emperor, in his first public address since the passage of a law allowing Emperor Akihito to abdicate.
Michigan said that There was so much gunfire, you couldn’t get up and run,



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