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Is this the strangest vehicle ever made? After Wrapping both KSI and CSGs Lamborghinis at Yiannimize and the videos totalling over 15million views, we wanted to give them a little thank you. Allbeit a slightly bizarre, weird, unusual yet unique gift. :)\r
Originally a Golf Buggy, we converted this into a Shopping Trolley for Carlsberg and now it is re-born as a 2 seater EPIC Paintball Buggy.\r
Barry came up with the idea to turn this rare car into a Paintball Buggy, Alex and Barry built it, Alex sprayed all parts Satin Black, Vasili applied the matte Military Green and Satin Khaki Camo Wrap and stickers. #TeamYiannimize\r
For those interested, heres the breakdown:\r
2x Sierra One Paintball Guns\r
Recaro Driver Seat\r
Electric Engine\r
Forward and Reverse\r
Formula 1 style nose cone\r
Mini Wheels\r
GoPro Mount\r
Cant wait for you guys to see the video of Yianni handing it over to KSI and ComedyShortsGamer and them taking it for a spin!\r
» KSI Lambo » \r
» CSG Lambo in Satin Chrome Gold » \r
» Carlsberg Trolley » \r
» Paintball Buggy pt2 » \r
Yiannimize » \r
Yianni »



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